Notice to State of Hawaii employees on new payroll system being implemented in 2018, click here

Important Notice for State of Hawaii Employees

The State of Hawaii is in the process of implementing a new payroll system in 2018 that will allow employees to access and update their payroll information through a self-service system known as the Hawaii Information Portal. Employee access to the Hawaii Information Portal will be done in phases. For more information and the State of Hawaii employee schedule to access the new system click here.

State of Hawaii employees must use the Hawaii Information Portal to designate accounts for Direct Deposit to ensure no interruption of deposits into current HSFCU accounts.* No action is needed until employees receive their official instructional letter from the state.

Information Required to Set Up Direct Deposit:

Hawaii State FCU Routing Number: 321379041

Account Number(s): Located on your HSFCU statements. Do not use your member number.

Account Type: Savings or Checking

ATTENTION RETIREES: No action is required of you. The State of Hawaii has informed us that pension payments from the Employee Retirement System (ERS) are separate from the state’s new payroll system and are not affected in any way.

For questions about the Hawaii Information Portal, visit

If you need to request your HSFCU account number or need help setting up an automatic loan payment, contact our Member Service Call Center at (808) 587-2700 or toll-free at 1 (888) 586-1056, or visit your nearest branch.

Note: Hawaii State FCU and the State of Hawaii are not affiliated with each other.

*Hawaii State FCU sent out a letter dated March 31, 2018, stating that beginning April 2, 2018, all State of Hawaii employees will be required to use the online self-service portal to designate accounts for Direct Deposit. Please note that only employees of the Department of Accounting and General Services and the Department of Human Resources Development were issued log-ons to enter their Direct Deposit details starting on April 2, 2018. The State of Hawaii has informed us that all other State of Hawaii employees will receive letters with their log-ons to the new Hawaii Information Portal later in 2018, along with instructions and assistance to enter their Direct Deposit details at that time, and no action is required until then. Those letters will be issued by the State of Hawaii directly to employees.

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