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Our free online courses, offered through Money Management International, cover a wide range of topics to boost your knowledge and help you make smart financial decisions.

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Budgeting Basics

Creating a Budget, Prioritizing Spending, Setting Goals

Managing Your Credit

Types of Credit, Establishing Credit, Credit Reporting, Credit Scores, Using Credit Responsibly

Managing Your Debt

Types of Debt, Managing Payments, Cycle of Collections

Building Wealth

Saving and Investing, Getting Back to Basics

Managing Financial Stress

Sources and Strategies

Reshaping Credit

Reshaping Credit, Debt Repayment and the Rule of 72

Paying for College

Talking About Saving for College, Costs and Benefits, Paying for College

Death of a Loved One

Preparing for Potential Loss, Challenges Associated with Loss

Understanding Military Benefits

Types of Benefits, Preparing for Transition

Financial Impacts of Deployment

Challenges, Preparing for Deployment, Getting Back to Basics

Reconnecting After Discharge

Challenges, Preparing for Transition

Managing Your Household

Understanding Warranty Periods and Maintenance, Benefits of Living in Your New Community, Protecting Your Investment, Home Value Basics, Living in Your New Home

Fair Housing: What You Need to Know

Fair Housing for Consumers, The Seven Protected Classes, Prohibited Practices, Fair Lending, Disability and Fair Housing, Assistance, Service, and Emotional Support Animals, Exemptions to the Fair Housing Act, Filing Fair Housing Complaints, Fair Housing Summary

Online Learning Benefits:

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  • Access relevant activities, tools and resources
  • Gauge your learning success
  • Receive Certificates of Completion for each course you complete
  • Interact through forums and private chat
  • Get the latest financial tips
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Online Calculators

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