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Resources to Help You Make Smart Financial Decisions

GreenPath Financial Wellness and Money Management International are non-profit organizations dedicated to empowering individuals and families to make smart financial choices and achieve their financial goals. Both offer a number of different counseling and education services to help people on the path to good financial health. For more information, please visit their websites or contact the organizations at the numbers below.

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Financial wellness is a key factor in people’s freedom to pursue their dreams.

GreenPath Financial Wellness, a non-profit credit counseling agency, envisions a world where people are ready for life’s ups and downs, and they are prepared to meet your financial goals. Benefits include free individualized counseling, guidance and educational resources.

Call (877) 337-3399 to speak to a Greenpath financial counselor, or request a counseling session online.

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Everyone’s financial situation and needs are different. Financial counselors are available 24/7 for credit or debt counseling. Best yet, this is a free benefit for members and their immediate families.

Money Management International is a nonprofit credit counseling agency with a full-service of financial solutions to help overcome financial challenges.

1 (800) 707-8428 to speak to a Money Management International financial counselor, or connect with a counselor online.

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A solid financial education is the foundation to making smarter financial decisions throughout your life. You may be thinking about how to pay for school, how to manage debt or ways to develop good financial habits. Hawaii State FCU wants to help equip you with the resources and education you need for a lifetime of financial wellness. Here are some of the financial counseling topics covered through GreenPath Financial Wellness and Money Management International.

Student Loan Counseling

Establish a plan to pay off your student debt.

Budget & Credit Counseling

Get your budget and credit in line with your income and needs.

Credit Report Reviews

Understand how to read your report and work toward a better score.

Debt Management Plans

Learn how to manage your debt and plan ahead for the future.

Foreclosure Prevention & Pre-Purchase Housing Counseling

Understand the ins and outs of buying a home and avoiding foreclosure.

Financial Education

Become an expert on topics ranging from buying a car to financing a college education.

Get Financially Healthy with Wallet Wisdom

Learn to manage, save, invest, borrow and spend wisely, now and in the future.
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Free 1-Hour Seminars

Like any strong family, we support each other and share what we know. Join us for a free educational seminar.

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Online Learning

Find financial peace of mind with interactive online courses that cover everything, from identity theft to building a budget.

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Financial Counseling

Free, confidential counseling is available for you and your immediate family.

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Money Advice

Follow the Hawaii State FCU Wallet Wisdom blog. Learn tips and tricks to manage your money to improve your financial well-being.

Improve Your Financial Success
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