Digital Wallet

Graphic showing debit card loaded into a digital wallet on a smartphone tapping and paying at checkout.

Tap. Pay. Be On Your Way!

Make purchases with your Hawaii State FCU Visa® credit or debit card right from your smartphone.

3 Easy Steps. It’s Quick, Easy and Secure.

Setting Up Your Card is Simple.

1.  Open your Apple Wallet®, Google Pay App, or Samsung Pay App on your device.

2.  Take a photo of your card or manually enter your card details.

3.  Follow the on-screen instructions.

Visit Apple, Google or Samsung to learn more.

Graphic supporting adding your HSFCU Visa Debit and Credit Card to your digital wallet.

Tap and Go!

Make purchases in stores, in apps, and on the web at participating merchants when you see the digital wallet pay symbol at checkout.1

Tap your phone to the reader and you’re all set.


Photo of groceries with text, Look for this symbol at checkout. - Digital Wallet, Step 2

Be On Your Way.
A Secure Way to Pay.

Digital wallets provide an added layer of security when making purchases.

•  Your physical card number is not stored on your device or shared with merchants

•  Transactions are authenticated with your fingerprint, face ID or passcode

Photo of hat, camera, phone, headphones, and map with text, Be on Your Way. Digital Wallet, Step 3

Add your credit and debit cards to your digital wallet today. Don’t forget to include your rewards cards, loyalty cards and even coupons!

Want to Make Your Hawaii State FCU Credit Card Your Primary Card in Your Digital Wallet?

Apple iPhone Devices

•  Go to Phone Settings.

•  Go to Wallet and Apple Pay.

•  Select “Default Card”.

Android Phone Devices

•  Select your card in your digital wallet.

•  Select Menu.

•  Select “Default for Contactless.”

HI Now: Use Your Digital Wallet for Fast, Secure Payments

Enjoy the convenience of making purchases using your smartphone. It’s one of the safest and most secure ways to pay. Read our blog and learn more about digital wallets.

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Samsung Pay will work at most in-store merchant terminals even if the Samsung Pay logo is not displayed.

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