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We Offer FREE Financial Education Workshops for Students, Employees, and Community Organizations

With the recent rise in inflation, shrinkflation, this is a great time to make an investment and become financially savvy and knowledgeable.

Interactive and engaging in-person or virtual workshops are approximately 45 – 60 minutes. Workshops can be tailored to fit the audience.

Bundle Three Workshops of Your Choice to Make a Bigger Impact

Popular Workshops of Interest:

Reality Fair: A fun and interactive workshop on budgeting. A Budget worksheet is provided as students will make everyday life choices such as housing, utilities, transportation, clothing, food, and child care!

Psychology of Spending: Many of us are not meeting our financial goals, because we don’t understand the psychology behind our financial choices. In this workshop we’ll examine that psychology and explore ways to take control of our spending and savings habits.

Understanding Credit Report and Score: Think of a Credit Report as your Financial Report Card. It is used to evaluate your creditworthiness and help calculate your Credit Score. Together we will discuss the value of the Credit Report and Score!

Money Concepts for Teens and Young Adults: Financial success is a lifelong endeavor with many goals to achieve along the way. This workshop will include the fundamental financing planning concepts, like your first experience earning money, setting goals, and budgeting!

Additional Workshops Offered:

Identity Theft: What is Identity Theft and how does it occur? Together we will explore ways to protect the students from becoming a victim of Identity Theft.

How to Reduce Your Spending: Sharing the costly C’s and how does it impact your everyday life? How to be an intentional shopper! What is the 50/30/20 rule?

Options for Dealing with Debt: What are the warning signs and tools for financial freedom?

Spring into Financial Freedom or Steps to Financial Freedom: Let’s dive into the behavior with money and how to get organized for the financial road ahead.

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Bunny Tanaka is the Community Relations & Education Professional and a Certified Financial Counselor at the Hawaii State Federal Credit Union, with over 25 years of experience in the hotel industry, human resources, and community education. She is an enthusiastic and strategic leader with a proven record of building relational trust through dynamic partnerships, managing projects from concept to completion, designing educational strategies, and coaching individuals for success. She believes that each person can use their talents and skills to become a Change Agent for the next generation.

Bunny has a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Geography from the University of Hawaiʻi. She has a passion and interest in the interactions between humans and the natural world. Bunny’s connection to the natural world, specifically the beach is the reason why she does her best thinking under water in the ocean. She is excited and honored for the opportunity to be a part of your financial journey!

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