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Traditional IRA

Happy grandparents.

Enjoy potential tax savings today while you plan ahead for tomorrow. Just add a Traditional IRA to your long-term savings plan.

Low Minimum Deposit

All it takes is $100 to open your Traditional IRA.

No Minimum Balance

Put away as much as you can  for retirement with a Traditional IRA.


Your contributions may be tax-deducible.1

Tax-Deferred Growth

Your earnings grow tax-deferred until withdrawn.

Penalty-Free Withdrawals

Use the money for qualified higher-education expenses, first-time home purchases, disability and qualifying medical expenses.

Withdrawals Start at 59½

Distributions can start at age 59½, or to your beneficiaries if you’re not there to help them.

Ready to open your Traditional IRA?

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Min. Opening Deposit

Min. Daily Balance to Earn APY


Min. Opening Deposit


Min. Daily Balance to Earn APY




Need a little extra help managing your finances?

Pick Up Some Saving Strategies

Saving for the future can be as simple as putting away a little money from every paycheck, or as complicated as calculating the compound interest and planning ahead decades in advance. Learn how to save like a pro with this short eLearning course.

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Master Your Spending

Check out our Wallet Wisdom resources for help with:

  • How to spend your money based on your priorities.
  • Becoming a budgeting pro.
  • Saving for a new car or a home.

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Calculators to help you save and spend smart

Ready to open your Traditional IRA?

Schedule an appointment at one of our branches.

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1 The information above is not intended as tax advice. Please consult a tax professional with regard to your own situation.

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