Our Brand

As a member of Hawaii State FCU, you count on us to be there when you need us. Always secure that we “got your back.”

We might not be perfect, but you can trust that we'll do the right thing, and we'll do right by you. That's because our mission is to benefit you, not shareholders.

We treat each other like a family. A family with similar interests, challenges, hopes, and dreams. It's the reason you're called members, instead of customers. And, like a supportive family, we care for each other. Always right there, ready to lend support.

The essence of who we are is embedded in our logo, which consists of three main elements, The Bloom, The Font, and The Colors.

HSFCU Logo OurBrand


The Bloom

For much of our long and rich history, the hibiscus flower served as the symbol for Hawaii State FCU. In our revitalized logo, the hibiscus flower is shown in the process of blooming, symbolizing growth and moving forward with optimism.


Captured in the process of blooming, the hibiscus also resembles a heart. This symbolizes how we want you to feel when you bank with us. It's a feeling of trust, support, commitment, honesty and integrity -- right from our hearts. The shape is one continuous flowing line, expressing the limitless possibilities that lie ahead, and our commitment to adapt, be nimble, and improve.


The Font

The lettering in “Hawaii State” is bold, solid, and balanced to represent strength, stability and reliability. The slightly rounded corners evoke the sense of compassion, ease and comfort that we want you to feel when you bank with us.


The Colors

The dominant color, “Bloom of Red,” is warm, rich, and inviting. It's coupled with a blend of orange and yellow to create a vibrant, energetic and cheerful feeling. This translates to a sense of hope, optimism and confidence; traits we want you to feel when you think of Hawaii State FCU.


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