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Addendum to Website and Mobile Services Agreement


These provisions apply to the Debit Card Control Service and are added to your Website and Mobile Services Agreement.

We recommend that you print and retain a copy of this Addendum for your records. You may obtain additional copies of this Addendum and the Website and Mobile Services Agreement by contacting us.
If you have any questions or for current information about your accounts, please call us at (808) 587-2700 (Oahu) or toll-free 1 (888) 586-1056 (Continental U.S. and Neighbor Islands); go to your nearest Hawaii State FCU branch; or write to us at Hawaii State Federal Credit Union, P. O. Box 3072, Honolulu, HI 96802-3072.

Debit Card Control Service
The Debit Card Control Service is designed to allow you to temporarily disable your debit card in the event it is misplaced, lost or stolen. The Service may also be used to send debit card transaction alerts via push, SMS or email notifications, and to block transaction authorizations based on various factors. To temporarily disable your debit card, block certain types of transaction authorizations, or register for debit card transaction alerts, please access the Debit Card Control Service through Hawaii State FCU’s Online Banking Service or Mobile Banking Service. If you have difficulty accessing the Service, please try again later or call us for assistance.

Temporarily Disabling Your Debit Card
Although your debit card will be programmed to decline certain transactions if the debit card is in a disabled state, we cannot guarantee that all transactions will be declined. For example, disruptions to computer and telecommunication systems or other circumstances beyond our control may result in the authorization of transactions, even when your card is in a disabled state. Similarly, the ability to re-enable your card may be delayed.

You may use the Debit Card Control Service to disable transactions based on merchant type, transaction type, spending limits, or international card-present criteria. However, merchants may be able to force transactions through in certain situations.

Additionally, the Debit Card Control Service is not intended as a method for stopping payment on previously authorized or pre-authorized transactions, and does not allow for the cancellation of such transactions. Previously authorized or pre-authorized transactions will be paid by Hawaii State FCU, subject to sufficient available funds at the time of authorization. (Fees for Return Items and Overdraft Items may apply in accordance with our Overdraft Disclosure and Fee Schedules.) Pre-authorized recurring transactions must be stopped by you in accordance with your agreement with the merchant involved in the pre-authorization.

Receiving Debit Card Transaction Alerts
If you register for debit card transaction alerts, the amount of time between a transaction and the transaction alert depends on your wireless carrier’s service and coverage in your location. Your receipt of transaction alerts may not be available in all areas or at all times. Disruptions to computer and telecommunication systems and other matters beyond our control may delay or block transaction alerts.

Reviewing Activity
You are responsible for monitoring your account transaction history and periodic statements. Use of any Service does not override your responsibility to report unauthorized transactions immediately. You may contact the Credit Union to have your debit card cancelled by Credit Union staff or to terminate a Service.

Revised 20180728

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